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Microsoft Flow for Expiration Dates pt. 2

Monday, Feb 4, 2019 by Barret Power Automate, flow, organizational skills

In the previous Flow post, I walked through using Flow to set up reminders for things you need to keep track of, like expiration dates, renewal dates and so forth. In this follow up, I’ll walk through creating a weekly process that emails you a list of upcoming reminders so you know what’s coming in the future. Trigger We’ll start by creating a blank Flow. For our Trigger, we’re going to select a Schedule.

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Microsoft Flow For Expiration Dates

Monday, Jan 21, 2019 by Barret Power Automate, flow, organizational skills

We all have a near endless list of expiration and reminder dates to keep track of: software renewals, contracts, driver’s license, certifications, warranties, and on and on. Or maybe we want a better way of seeing when that pesky doctor or vet appointment is without scrolling endlessly through our calendar. Keeping track of all those dates is a constant hassle. If we’re lucky, we get an email or snail-mail a few weeks ahead of time.

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